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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

News about our Branch

  • AGM is a Zoom event: Sat. 23rd January, 10.30am Wednesday 9 December 2020

    The 2020 Branch AGM is scheduled for the above date 23 January 2021, from 10.30am via Zoom. The link will be posted, when available, on the Members Area page.

  • Brighton Bier Offer Wednesday 9 December 2020

    Here's a message for you from the people at BRIGHTON BIER

    "We’ve just launched a new range of BRIGHTON BIER cans and bottled beer: Brighton Bier "We’ve recently bottled SOUTH COAST IPA, our most popular cask ale, and its tasting great!

    We offering CAMRA Members a 10% Discount on cases of Brighton Bier – all you need to do is use the code CAMRA at checkout."

  • Local Take-Away Beer Wednesday 9 December 2020

    One of our Members has sent out an email advising of a new website, Take-Away Pints website which lets beer drinkers know which pubs are selling cask ale to take home. Members can click onto the website for the details. Then select 'Outside London' and 'Sussex'.

  • Low Cost Beer website if you're interested! Wednesday 9 December 2020

    One of our Members had drawn attention to this 'mail-order'/internet service, where short-dated or indeed out-of-date cans and bottles may be purchased at advantageous prices. As there are beers from some popular local breweries (I noticed a Burning Sky on there the other day) you might like to try them out:

  • What the Branch does... Thursday 12 November 2020

    Over 2,600 CAMRA members live in our Branch area, which is Brighton & Hove, Lewes, Newhaven, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Shoreham-by-Sea and the area in between. So what do we do – apart from drink beer and run this website?

    1. Organise the annual South Downs Beer Festival in Lewes at The Old Town Hall & Corn Exchange, next one possibly June 2021.

    2 THE GOOD BEER GUIDE: We select about 30 pubs from our area for inclusion in CAMRA's annual Good Beer Guide. CAMRA Members who wish to help in this process, for future editions of the Guide, need to use CAMRA's National Beer Scoring System (called NBSS) either on the CAMRA main website, on this sheet Beer Scoring Sheet or in small booklets of 10 slips, available at Branch Meetings.

    3. Choose one as our "Pub of The Year".

    4. Organise weekly socials, usually on a Thursday night at 7.30pm, currently suspended until early December, we hope.

    5. Assist in organising a Sussex Beer & Cider Festival (not currently happening), which was often held in our Branch area. For updates see Sussex Branches Beer Festival.

    6. Help with the distribution of Sussex Drinker, a quarterly colour magazine about the local real ale scene, available free in lots of Sussex pubs. Due to the pandemic, there is now only an online version; link here Sussex Drinker 103.

    7. Represent CAMRA and campaign on CAMRA issues – only under 'normal' conditions: minibus trips to breweries and to pubs taking literature, manning stalls at festivals, etc.

    8. Liaise with and report on the Breweries on our patch to CAMRA headquarters, and put their news in Sussex Drinker.

    9. Normally, run a Summer Ale Trail (not happening due to coronavirus) around our area, with prizes for visiting 20, 30 or 40 pubs.

    10. Monitor a database of local pubs... to feed into CAMRA's WHAT PUB? website. For particular recommendations please look in CAMRA's current Good Beer Guide.